Doluca (Orçan) Fortress

 The Doluca Fortress is located in the Turkoglu district. The actual name and date when the fortress was built is not certain, however, villagers have found small amounts of Hittite, Roman, Abbasid and Seljuk coins within the walls. The fortress is typical of Roman building style and was probably made during the Hittite period. Other fortresses are Haruniye (Düziçi) fortress and Orçan fortress which were built during the time of Abbasi Halifesi Harun Resit (786-809).

 The fortress is reinforced by additions made by the Romans and it was also repaired during the Seljuk period. A large part of it is in ruins. According to legend the king had a daughter named Orçin (which means ‘knit’) who died from an illness. Upon the death of his daughter, the king went up to the hill and raised his hands to the east and shouted Orçin. This is how the fortress got its name.