The Main Dishes of Kahramanmaraş Cuisine

Tirişk Soup: A local soup made with the green leaves of a native plant called ‘gavur’ and pounded wheat.

Sour Soup: Made from flour and various vegetables, lentils or split peas.

Maraş Kelle-Paçısı: Made with sheep’s head and tripe, black pepper, garlic, tomato paste and onions.

Ekşili Aya Köfte: Made with ground meat rolled to the size of the chickpeas.

Lentil Köfte: Cooked red lentils, bulgur, onions, tomato paste and spices formed into patties.

Mumbar: Sheep intestine stuffed with rice, onion, bulgur, tomato paste, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, black pepper, onion, crushed garlic and meat broth.

Maraş Pilaf: A pilaf made with locally grown rice and carrots. Tas Pilavı: A pilav made with locally grown rice.

Acem Havuçlu Pilaf: Locally grown rice pilav cooked and shaped as a carrot.

Döğme Aşı: A local specialty meal made with pounded wheat.

Un sucuğu: A sweet made with walnuts and flour.

Pestil Suçuğu: A sweet made with walnuts covered in a gel made from gape or mulberries.

Fıstık Ezmes: A paste made from pistachios and sugar, kneaded into a paste and shaped in bars.

Ceviz Kırma: Crushed walnuts and sweet molasses mixed into a paste.

Ravanda: A sweet made of grapes.

Hapısa: Wheat starch cooked with water, sugar, butter and walnuts.

Şekerli peynirli börek: An open pie of fresh white cheese mixed with sugar and baked.

Eli Böğründe: A meal that is cooked in the oven with meat, pepper and tomatoes.