The Province of Kahramanmaraş has three geographical climate regions: the Mediterranean, Eastern Anatolia and the Southeastern Anatolia Regions. The geographic location the most approximated area is located in is what is known as "Degraded Mediterranean Climate ". Contrary to the climate seen in the Kahramanmaraş center, depending on the upgrade, these various climate characteristics are visible.

 The annual average temperature of Kahramanmaraş is 16.5 ° C, 14.8 ° C in Pazarkic, 13 ° C in Andirin and in Elbistan it falls to 10.3 ° C. The average annual temperatures vary from north to south, depending on the ascent from the west to the east, which is obviously reduced by the impact. The distribution of the temperatures during the year are: Kahramanmaraş 4.5 ° C, 4.2 ° C in Pazardzhik, 3.2 ° C in Andirin, in Elbistan -3.7 ° C.

 The center of the province is under the influence of the "Mediterranean Thermal Climate." In the northern part of the province it has, "Terrestrial thermal regime type". The weather is warm in winter, warm in summer in the Central Region from the "Marine Mediterranean Thermal Climate."