Up to 42% of the province is covered with forests and shrubs, 27% is cultivated land and 24% is meadow and pasturelands. Most of the mountains are covered in forests, especially in the Elbistan and Andirin regions. The forests consist of pine, oak, juniper, beech, cedar, fir and thorn trees.

 Olive groves are also very plentiful, but there has been a decline in recent years. The plains of Kahramanmaraş are mostly steppe, and depending on the elevation, the vegetation can vary. Three types of plant formations are observed. (Quercus coccifefa) Mazı (Q.Infectoria), Laden (Ciftus salvifolius), Sandal (Arbutus andrachne), Olive (Olea europa), Tooth bud (Fraxinus ornus), Sumac (Rhus coriaria), Akca Kesme (Phillyrea latifolia), Karacali (Paliurus spinachristi), Erguvan (Cercis siliquatrum) are found.

 There are between 900 and 2,000 meters of forested land that ranges from dry to semi-moist. Coniferous trees are abundant as are chestnut trees having attractive red leaves in winter. At elevations of about 1400-2000 meters there are mixed varieties of juniper, red oak and black pine varieties, (P. nigra), Fir (Abief cilicica), Cedrus (Cedrus libani). Over the 2000 meter elevation Alpine Grass Formation can be found consisting of: Geven (Astragalus), Burchell (Coronilla.sp), Violet (Viola.sp), Gelincik (Papaver.sp) and Yumak (Festuca.sp). This formation is dominated by species such as Shepard’s Pillow (Acanthalimon.sp). The range and grass are visible in the upper parts of the mountain.