Kahramanmaras Red Pepper

 The Kahramanmaraş red pepper has a special place in terms of the city and country. In the years when rice and cotton production in the Kahramanmaraş economy were important, red pepper was also a very important crop. Nowadays, rice is no longer cultivated and cotton production has declined, but the production of red pepper continues to grow. High quality crops are obtained from the use of good seed, soil preparation, irrigation, fertilization and soil rehabilitation. Through modern agricultural methods and uniting the growers in the region, a quality product is brought to the market. Research made in the local university is shared with pepper producers and businesses. 100 gr Kahramanmaraş pepper has 318 calories. Kahramanmaraş pepper is made of organic and inorganic minerals, and is rich in A, B and C vitamins. It is a stimulant for the endocrine glands. Joint pain and skin diseases benefit compilers in excess fat (cholesterol). Harvested in the maturation period, Kahramanmaraş peppers are left to dry on the stalk. The harvested peppers are specially washed and dried. In modern plants, the peppers are crushed without any additives, the flakes are packaged and distributed to the market under the Kahramanmaraş patent.