Kahramanmaras is located in southeastern Turkey with a surface area of ​​14 346 km. It is the 11th largest province in the country. 37-38 with northern parallels at 36 degrees. It is along the eastern meridian of 37 degrees. From the central district it is 568 meters above sea level. To the north and west of Kahramanmaras and the region is quite mountainous. The foothills and valleys of the Taurus Mountains stretch along the city. Kahramanmaras is located between 350 meters and 3000 meters in height with changing fertile plains. Kahramanmaraş is geographically covered with 4/3 mountains. The province has mostly Mediterranean vegetation and the western and north western parts of the province are covered with forests. On the whole, the province has Mediterranean climate, but also in the vicinity of Pazarcik has a Southeast Anatolia climate, Nurhak, Ekinözü, Elbistan and have Eastern Anatolia Terrestrial climate as does the Afşin districts. Andırın and Göksun districts have Mediterranean Plateau Climate. The combination of so many different climates makes the province rich in plant diversity. Kahramanmaraş has unspoiled natural geography that is rich in natural springs and fresh water sources.