Nur (Gavur, Amanos) Mountains

 The extensions of these mountains cover the southwestern part of the province. The extension of the Nur Mountains within the provincial borders is referred to as Çimen Mountain. The height of these mountains is 2,256 meters. The Nur (Gavur, Amanos) Mountains, the third in the Alpine system, is the southern extension of the Taurus Mountains, which are called ‘folded mountains’. These are flattened with various abrasions and are a raised, twisted mountain range. Between Suveydiye (Samandağ) and Kahramanmaraş, there is a long south-northeast fracture. From Hınzir Burnu to Dörtyol, from the south of Osmaniye is the start of other fractures and depressed areas in the district of Ahir. These raised areas appear to be a mountain. From these depressed areas of the Nur Mountains there are steep slopes that have been eroded by rivers. The most important ascents of the Nur Mountains are Yaban (Uludaz) and Başkonuş Mountain. The largest natural forests in Kahramanmaraş are located in this region.